Laid-off tech workers should look to property, says top surveyor

SCSI says Ireland is facing a shortfall of around 1000 surveyors

SCSI President Kevin James

Donal O'Donovan

Tech workers should look at the construction sector for new jobs, as demand for skilled professionals drops in one sector and rises in the other, according to the President of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI).

Such a move would reverse a trend heavily backed by Government a decade ago through schemes like Skillnet and JobBridge that retrained workers from construction for tech jobs after the property crash.

In research published today, the SCSI says Ireland is facing a shortfall of around 1,000 surveyors as an expected pick-up in construction races ahead of the numbers coming through the education system.

The society says the country will face a major shortage of qualified surveyors if the economy grows 4pc per annum over the next four years, hurting efforts to address housing and infrastructure needs.

In its Employment, Remuneration and Workplace Report 2023, the SCSI says average growth in the economy of 4pc a year would require 2,910 new surveyor positions by 2026. Based on current levels, the number of graduates entering the workforce in that period will be just 1,829.

SCSI President Kevin James said the figures showed the urgent need to ramp up the enrolment of surveyors in third level colleges and to develop additional pathways to the profession, including through apprenticeships.

Speaking ahead of the SCSI’s annual dinner at the Clayton Burlington Hotel today, Mr James said there are opportunities for people previously employed in the tech sector to transition to new careers in property, land, or construction.

“The construction sector needs to prioritise digital adoption to keep pace with client demands and I believe this is just one area where people previously employed in the tech sector have a great deal to offer," he said.

“A career in surveying is hugely rewarding, not only for its financial rewards but also in terms of the diverse nature of the work and the variety of opportunities available. That’s an important message which we need to reinforce to our young people – and their parents!”

The survey found that the median salary of a surveyor is €77,200, an increase of 10pc since 2019.

Pay ranges from an average of €85,000 in construction, to €70,000 in property and €64,000 for land surveyors.

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