Eddie Jordan told BBC ‘get stuffed’ as he talked to Michael Fassbender ‘as Gaeilge’

“I enjoyed it and as a result I keep in touch with Michael all the time.”

Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan

Michael Fassbender on the racetrack. Photo: Getty

Níall Feiritear

Former F1 boss Eddie Jordan has described the moment he told the BBC to “get stuffed” after a TV producer took umbrage to a conversation he was having with Michael Fassbender in Irish.

Jordan claimed the BBC executive went “absolutely ballistic” on the pit lane during a chat he was having with the Hollywood heart-throb and famous Kerryman.

"I remember a producer from BBC, he went absolutely ballistic — what was I doing speaking a foreign language on the great BBC?” Eddie said.

The Dubliner described the revelation while speaking to former McLaren driver David Coulthard on the pair's new podcast, ‘Formula for Success’.

Jordan, a former driver who founded Jordan Grand Prix in 1991, worked as an F1 analyst for the BBC from 2009 to 2015.

As he and Coulthard discussed their encounters with Formula One celebs, Jordan remembered a meeting in Canada with fellow Irish speaker Fassbender, who was attending a race with some other Hollywood actors.

“Michael, with such a strong German name, was actually brought up and educated in Kerry in Ireland and he’s a fluent Irish speaker,” Eddie said.

"I remember going on the pit walk and I started to speak as Gaeilge — in other words I was speaking Irish — to Michael as I normally would have done.

"I remember the producer from BBC, he went absolutely ballistic — what was I doing speaking a foreign language on the great BBC?!

"I said, 'Oh, get stuffed' or whatever I said to him, I forget.

Michael Fassbender on the racetrack. Photo: Getty

"But anyway, I enjoyed it. Fassbender tells this story to everybody because it was kind of unique that someone should just broach an Irish language story.

"As a result, I keep in touch with him all the time, he needs to know who's doing what — you can't imagine how involved he is in Formula One," Eddie added.

Fassbender recently starred in a documentary about his dual life as an actor and race-car driver.

Real-time footage in his new YouTube series - Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans – shows a dramatic crash involving the actor when a brush with another car smashes his front bonnet and bumper, to the dismay of his team.

At the beginning of the first episode, it shows the Kerryman looking every inch the film star in dark sunglasses as he pulls up in his Porsche during filming of new Netflix movie The Killer in Los Angeles.

He shot the film at the start of the year in his downtime from his new career as a driver for Porsche.

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