Bill Linnane: There is no easy way to introduce your child to the reality of death — but pizza helps

Children need to be told when a loved one has passed. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto© Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bill Linnane

In many ways, discovering your black suit no longer fits you is a good thing. It means you haven’t had to attend any funerals for some time, and also that you live in a time of plenty, as reflected by your waistline jumping up several inches and your back fat reaching levels that your poor malnourished ancestors could only have dreamt of. Having to go out and get a new suit in a cost of living crisis isn’t ideal, nor is attempting to dress four kids aged from eight to 20 in various forms of sombre attire when the shops are filled with Hawaiian shirts and jorts, but it has to be done, as teaching your kids about death and the rituals that go with it is an important part of family life.

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