Dr David Coleman: Is your child struggling to make friends? Here’s what you can do to help

From practising social skills to creating opportunities for them to meet like-minded peers, there are plenty of ways parents can help their kids create friendships

If your child is on the fringes of school groups, arranging one-on-one playdates with the most likely friend from the group can give your child that sense of connection. Photo: Getty/picture posed© Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Dr David Coleman

Children’s friendships can take up a lot of “worry” space in parents’ consciousness. Some parents will worry that their child doesn’t have enough, or any, friendships. They may fear that their child will be lonely and will struggle to build friendships through their lives. Other parents may fear that their child has become friends with other children who may be a bad influence. Either way, it can feel like they have no opportunity or strategy for helping their child to get their friendships “just right”.

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