Scientists reveal best time of day to have sex to get pregnant (and best months of the year to try)

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Scientists have pinpointed the best time of day to have sex in order to become pregnant, and it requires an early alarm-clock.

New research from University Hospital Zurich suggests that sex before 7.30am throughout March, April and May have the best outcomes.

The Swiss scientists claim that sperm have their own 24-hour internal clock and are best equipped to travel to the egg early in the morning.

They also suggest that sperm is healthiest - with the best morphology (size and shape) - during the three months of spring.

Sperm morphology can impact fertility - normal sperm have an oval head with a long tail and are perfectly equipped to travel to the egg, and fertilize it.

The researchers analysed sperm samples from more than 7,000 men who were aged 25-40 and undergoing fertility treatment.

According to the Daily Mail, lead author Dr Brigitte Leeners said the findings could help couples to conceive naturally and aid couples undergoing fertility treatment.

The study is published in the journal Chronobiology International.

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