Meet the new islanders: ‘The only thing I miss is being able to pop to the shop at 9pm for milk. Other than that, it’s great’

Following decades of decline, a campaign to lure the diaspora back home has completely changed the fate of Arranmore. We head to the island to meet some of the people who answered the Donegal island’s call

Helena Gallagher, who has returned home to live on Arranmore in Co Donegal. Picture: Lorcan Doherty

Kathy Donaghy

The sunlight dances off the waves as the small car ferry makes its way out of Burtonport for the 15-minute crossing to Arranmore Island, the largest of Donegal’s offshore islands. After years of decline, the island’s fortunes are changing, with population growth and a list of people longing to call the island ‘home’.

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