Letters: Where is ‘register of damage’ for victims of US conflicts?

Western military powers got involved in conflicts in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Photo: Getty Images© Getty Images/iStockphoto

Letters to the Editor

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is attending a Council of Europe summit meeting in Iceland today. The plan is to create a register of damages for those who have suffered from the ongoing war in Ukraine. This is an “ah but what about?” letter.

Of course, a “damage register” should be established for all conflicts, and those responsible for such damage, and related war crimes should be fully held to account.

It begs the question, why has there been no similar meetings to establish a “damage register” for the wars of aggression waged by the US and its Nato and other allies in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere?

And why has there been no accountability for the very serious war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the peoples of these non-European countries?

Up to five million people have died due to war-related reasons in these conflicts, and untold infrastructural and environmental problems have been caused by these unjustifiable wars.

The Council of Europe may well argue that its focus is primarily on Europe, but surely the United Nations and other international bodies such as the International Criminal Court should have initiated and carried out such a damage register.

Edward Horgan

Newtown, Castletroy, Limerick

Peddlers of toxic ideology and a twisted vision of Ireland

The burning of a makeshift refugee camp in Dublin represents a new low in the insidious growth of racism in Ireland. But it’s unfortunately a logical follow-on from the gradual ratcheting up of tensions by far-right and xenophobic groups that have sought to exploit the refugee crisis for their own political ends.

The daily non-stop attempts to foment suspicion and hatred of “others” entering our country to “dilute our culture and ethnicity” were bound to result in such a sinister act of violence against the most vulnerable in our midst.

In recent months the racist agitators have at times succeeded in re-packaging their hatred and prejudice to make them look more reasonable and maybe even “mainstream” in their ideological stance and political manoeuvrings.

But, sadly, no matter how clever their periodic PR makeovers, they remain people who judge their fellow human beings by the colour of their skin or their countries of origin. They need to be called out whenever and wherever they seek to peddle their toxic ideology and their wilful distortion of history, as, for example, when they refer to the arrival of migrants on our shores as a “conquest” like the one that resulted in our colonisation, or when they preach about a “new plantation”.

Past conquerors, be they Vikings, Normans, or Anglo-Saxons, came to plunder and enslave. Not so these people who are victims of tyranny or severely life-threatening situations, as distinct from conquerors or enemies. And there’s a world of difference between the plantations of the past and people simply asking to be let live in peace, out of harm’s way.

The far right is far from right in its twisted vision of the kind of country most of us want to live in.

Let’s give the red card to racism, and take our flag back from the xenophobes.

John Fitzgerald

Co Kilkenny

Disappointed at behaviour of a well-educated man

Having lived in England for many years, to say that I was appalled, shocked, disappointed and horrified at the behaviour of the Taoiseach’s partner – a well-educated man – during the coronation of King Charles, is an understatement.

What an embarrassment to every single Irish person.

It was totally unacceptable – particularly so while accompanying the Taoiseach and representing our country at such a high-level state occasion, with so many people around the world watching.

To add insult to injury, to behave like this in a place of worship was unforgivable.

What sort of example is being set for young people when they see this sort of behaviour?

Where have manners, respect, dignity and decorum gone – or do they not count any more?

As usual in these matters, an apology is made after such “lapses of judgment” – as if that will resolve everything, but the damage is done.

Mrs AM Newby

Address with the Editor

The right man for the job? Why, a talking turkey…

With so many names being bandied about for The Late Late Show, it’s only a matter of time before Dustin the Turkey throws his cap in the ring. Go on, ya good thing!

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9

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