The Indo Daily: From Kinahan soldier to swallowing SIM cards – the grimy demise of 'Fat Freddie Thompson'

Fat Freddie Thompson smashed a phone and swallowed the SIM card in Portlaoise Prison

Former Kinahan cartel gangster ‘Fat Freddie Thompson' is causing trouble and upsetting his fellow inmates in Portlaoise prison.

Thompson, who's serving a life sentence for the murder of Daithi Douglas, set off a detector alarm when he was leaving the exercise yards of the prison. He blamed other inmates for being caught with a mobile phone on him - smashing it into pieces and swallowing the SIM card.

Searches by wardens uncovered a hidden mobile phone in the back of his cell TV. This led to a full search of his landing and all televisions being taken away from all inmates. Nobody was impressed.

Ellen Coyne is joined by special correspondent for the Irish Independent Paul Williams to look at the life and crimes of ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson.

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