The Indo Daily: Stardust Tragedy – “Oh, God help us. And that was it. I was gone”

Relatives of those killed in the Stardust fire gather at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin ahead of the first day of the inquest. Photo: PA© PA

The aftermath of the Stardust fire

Valentine’s night 1981 and Dublin’s Stardust nightclub is full of young people enjoying themselves. Moments later tragedy would strike as a fire ripped through the venue in seconds.

Forty-eight people died, over 200 people injured, and countless families were changed forever.

Forty-two years after one of Ireland’s worst ever disasters, Dublin Coroner’s Court opened the inquests into the tragedy this week.

Fionnán Sheahan is joined by Antoinette Keegan of the Stardust Victims’ Committee and Conor Feehan - News Correspondent with the Irish Independent - to unravel the journey it has taken for families of the victims to have their stories heard.

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