The Indo Daily: The Dapper Don – Christy Kinahan and the rise of the Kinahan cartel

Christy Kinahan Senior

Christy Kinahan is the man who started the now infamous Kinahan drug cartel.

Also known as the Dapper Don, Christy isn’t your usual gang boss. He is well educated, speaks multiple languages and doesn't come from a background of poverty.

By the mid 1980s, Kinahan had become one of the biggest heroin traffickers in Ireland and in 1986 was arrested and charged with what was then one of the largest heroin seizures in the country.

After decades working in organised crime, Christy Kinahan was last year put on the US most wanted list, along with his two sons Daniel and Christopher Jnr. How much is known about the early days of the Kinahan cartel and where did it all start for Christy Kinahan?

Presenter Tabitha Monahan is joined by Irish Independent special correspondent Paul Williams to find our more.

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