The Indo Daily: The Great Hunger, ‘Trevelyan’s Corn’ and making amends for the Irish Famine

Sir Charles Trevelyan

You would be hard pushed to find an Irish person on this planet who doesn’t have a good grasp of the lyrics to ‘The Fields of Athenry’.

The story of a poor Irish convict and how he ‘stole Trevelyan’s corn’ is synonymous with the atrocities that befell the Catholic Irish population during the Irish Famine.

Best of the Indo Daily: The Great Hunger, 'Trevelyan's Corn', and making amends for the Irish Famine

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Now, a UK group ‘Heir of Slavery’ – descendants of people who profited off the slave trade and who want to atone and compensate families whose loved ones were brutally stolen and sold as slaves over a 250-year-period – are also recognising Trevelyan’s treatment of the Irish.

Presenter Siobhán Maguire is joined by Irish Independent political correspondent, John Downing, to hear more.

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