The Indo Daily: ‘What he did to our sons was horrific’ – Kathleen Chada on killer husband

‘Everything’ by Kathleen Chada, out now from Umbrella Books

Ten years ago, this July marks the anniversary of two brutal murders - brothers Eoghan and Ruairí Chada, who died at the hands of their father, Sanjeev.

What should have been an ordinary day of an outing with the dad to go bowling in the native Co Carlow, ended in tragedy when the two children, aged just 10 and five, were brutally murdered by their father.

Best of the Indo Daily: Kathleen Chada on killer husband: "What he did to our sons was horrific"

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With a new memoir, 'Everything', celebrating the short lives of the two boys she adored, Kathleen Chada pays tribute to her children and their lasting memory.

In conversation with the Indo Daily, she explains to presenter Siobhán Maguire, what happened on that fateful day in July 2013, how she has coped since, and why she will never forgive her husband.

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