New whiskey distillery gets green light for North Dublin creating 150 jobs

Plans for a Harvest Lodge Distillery in Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Plans for a Harvest Lodge Distillery in Balbriggan, Co Dublin

Amy Blaney

A new whiskey distillery has been given the green light for North Dublin that will create 150 jobs in the area.

The distillery and visitor centre in Balbriggan is expected to attract up to 50,000 tourists a year when the distillery is up and running.

The development at Stephenstown is a major boost for tourism in the area, with the new distillery set to offer tours and tastings.

Planning for the development was lodged on behalf of Harvest Lodge Distilleries LTD and was approved this week by Fingal County Council.

The whiskey will be manufactured on site in the new distillery, while plans also include a logistics park.

The development will consist of seven buildings for “light industrial and warehouse uses”.

A €100m investment is expected to create around 150 jobs on completion.

“It’s a great boost for the local economy,” said Independent councillor Tony Murphy.

“There is a great connection in the local area that’s not just an opportunity to export whiskey, but also to develop a tourism proposition out of it with tours of the distillery,” he said.

The visitor centre is expected to draw on the local history of beekeeping to create its own honey whiskey.

“We have a history of mead which is like a subset of honey and whiskey,” said Cllr Murphy.

There is a local myth that Bremore was the first place in Ireland where beekeeping was practiced.

It was said to have been introduced there by St Molaga, who settled for a short time near Balbriggan.

“That’s not far away from this so there is a great backstory that could be developed that would be very interesting in the area,” added Cllr Murphy.

In a bid to increase tourism in the area, restoration is also underway of nearby Bremore Castle, a 14th Century large house which is being restored from rubble.

The development of the new distillery and business park will now go out for tender and the distillery is expected to be fully operational within 18 months.

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