Additional Maria Goretti building gets green light

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Louth County Council has given the go-ahead for work at the Maria Goretti Foundation.

Lordship Respite Ltd. has been granted permission to retain and complete the unauthorised construction of a single storey respite centre for children and young adults with disabilities, and associated site works including boundary treatments, car parking and landscaping within the existing site at the Maria Goretti Foundation, Rampark, Jenkinstown.

Kyle and Nicole Morgan have been granted retention permission for as built domestic garage which is in variance to Planning Permission Ref. no. 18/307 and is intended for domestic use and is ancillary to the existing dwelling house, at Dromena, Dromiskin.

The development comprises: ground floor with two car ports of approx. 80m2, a room for storage of gardening and DIY equipment of approx. 21m2 and a space for a WC.

First floor which is accessed via stairs located in the car ports and includes a room for a domestic gym of approx. 48m2, a space for a shower room of approx. 2m2 and a room for additional storage of approx. 15m2.

The completion of the internal works to the domestic garage which comprises the fitting out of the ground floor WC and the first floor shower room.

Better Value Unlimited Company has been granted permission for a change of use of Unit 3b from a shop use to a gym/fitness studio at Dundalk Neighbourhood Centre, Inner Relief Road, Dundalk.

Ontower Ireland Limited has applied to Louth County Council for retention permission for an existing telecommunications support structure (previously granted under planning ref. no. 11/64) together with associated ground equipment cabinets and fencing at Dundalk Rugby Club, Mill Road, Dundalk.

Meanwhile, MWAC Property Ltd. is seeking permission for 2 new detached dwelling houses and detached garage to dwelling no. 2, and retention permission and material change of use for existing workshop to be used as a domestic garage for dwelling no. 1

Full permission to include alterations to existing site entrance and all associated site development works at Commons Road, Dromiskin.

Permission is being sought by Colm Duff for the demolition of an existing single storey dwelling and the construction of 4 two-storey 3- and 4-bed terraced dwellings with all connections to public services and all associated siteworks at Richard Taaffe’s Holding, Louth Village.

Brendan Rafferty has applied for retention permission for an extension to the rear of 12 Anglesey Terrace, Greenore. This building is listed as a protected structure under the Louth County Development Plan 2015 -2021 Ref No LHs 009-004.

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