Edward Hayden: Perfect savoury parmesan cheese & chive scones for summer nibbles

Edward Hayden's Parmesan Cheese & Chive Scones. Photo: Mary Browne

Edward Hayden.

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It’s finally here! The sun. I love the sunshine and it certainly tells us that summer is upon us. Unrelated, but most gardening experts suggest only putting out the summer bedding at the start of June, so hold fire for another week.

Back to the kitchen. Well, this week I have some fabulous savoury scones for you. These are perfect to serve with soups or broths or delicious summer salads. I adore these scones as a bread option for a dinner party, but also as a lunchbox filler. You can have as much fun and variation as you like by playing around with the ingredients to change the flavour of the scones. I promise you that these scones will be a big hit with everyone you serve them to – enjoy.

Happy Baking! Edward


Scone Mixture:

*1lb/450g plain flour

*1 rounded teaspoon of baking powder

*Pinch of salt

*1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper or paprika

*3oz/75g grated parmesan cheese

*1 tablespoon of snipped chives

*3oz/75g butter

*1 large egg

*Approximately 7floz/200ml buttermilk


*1 egg

*3 tablespoons of milk

*Parmesan cheese (optional)


*Mix in the buttermilk to achieve a soft sticky dough.

*Roll out on a floured work surface and cut into equal-sized shapes using either a sharp knife or a scone cutter.

*Brush lightly with beaten egg and milk and sprinkle with or a little extra cheese if you wish. Alternatively, you could sprinkle with some mixed seeds or even a little extra cayenne pepper.

*Bake in the oven for 20 minutes until well risen and golden brown.

*Serve warm with butter.

Edward’s Handy Hints:

- You may need to use extra buttermilk to achieve the right consistency.

- Don’t roll the scones out too thinly as you want a substantial depth to the baked scone.

Alternative flavours and suggested amounts

Garlic & Rosemary 2 cloves’ garlic, 2 sprigs of rosemary

Sultanas soaked in orange juice 3oz/75g

Roasted Vegetables 1&1/2 mixed peppers, 1/2 red onion, 1/2 courgette

Curry, Apricot & Red Chilli 2 dessertspoons’ curry powder, 6 apricots, pinch of chilli flakes

Grated Mozzarella 3oz/75g

Bacon & Thyme 5-6 rashers of bacon – lightly grilled, 2 stems of thyme Cheddar Cheese & Rocket 2oz/50g cheese, 2 dessertspoons’ chopped rocket

Sun Dried Tomato & Chorizo 3oz/75g sundried tomatoes and 2oz/50g diced chorizo

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