Feasibility study into proposed Wicklow to Greystones greenway currently taking place

An artists impression of the greenway proposed from Wicklow town to Greystones.

Myles BuchananWicklow People

CONSULTANTS acting on behalf of Wicklow County Council are carrying out several surveys and reports to determine the feasibility of plans for a greenway from Wicklow town to Greystones.

Cllr Tom Fortune raised the project having noticed €350,000 was listed in the Chief Executive’s report for the Wicklow town to Greystones cliff walk.

He asked: “I’m assuming that is for a feasibility study. What will happen with that and what are the next steps?”

Director of Services Michael Nicholson replied: “The funding is to further develop the plans and to carry out various reports and studies.

"From all my experience with the Blessington Greenway, this is a very detailed process and will take some time. The different studies and reports will determine the feasibility of the project and whether it will be a greenway or less than a greenway. It will go a long way toward determining what will happen.”

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