‘Trolled to death’ – Una Healy breaks silence on David Haye ‘throuple’ rumours

‘Dating him is the right term because that’s how it was, it wasn’t a throuple’

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Una Healy

Joanne McNally, Una Healy, and Vogue Williams

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Una Healy has broken her silence on the David Haye ‘throuple’ rumours and said the relationship was wrongly labelled.

The Saturdays star said she was only romantically involved with the former boxer and did not have a relationship with model Sian Osborne.

Healy (41) spoke about it for the first time on Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally's podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me.

“The T word that I had to Google myself because I’ve never heard of it in my life,” she said.

“Dating him is the right term because that’s how it was, it wasn’t a throuple. I met him last summer online on a dating app. I haven’t had any luck on it really, I did meet David and we had a lovely relationship.

“After a couple of messages, we moved it to WhatsApp and then I just said straight out to him, what are you looking for in a relationship and he goes, ‘Well, I’ve just split up with my girlfriend and I’m single, but I don’t believe that the traditional relationship exists any more’.

“I’m a monogamous person and hopefully one day I will settle down again with a nice, monogamous man. That’s what I want.”

Healy told Haye she wished him the best and said they could remain friends because they “got on so well”, however things then turned romantic between them.

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“We were chatting every day and he was sending me pictures of him, and his kids and it would be hours on the phone,” she said.

“We met in person, and he was a real gentleman, he brought me on a lovely date and then any time I was working in London I’d meet up with him.”

The Tipperary native said she knew the former boxer wasn’t “husband material” but that it was “just a bit of fun”.

“He was very honest that I wasn’t the only woman that he was seeing, I was very aware that he was seeing other people,” she said.

“Then as time went on, his ex-girlfriend was back on the scene and he said, ‘Because you’re very special to me, and she’s very special to me, I think it’s important that ye meet each other’.”

Healy said she wasn’t fond of the idea but decided to meet the model to put any possible cheating rumours to bed.

The mother-of-two said she decided to go to Morocco for a few days with Haye and Osborne over Christmas as her children were with their father.

“Christmas is hard for me every other year because the kids’ dad has them on Christmas Day, so I just had it in my head that I was getting out of the country,” she said.

“Those few days were fun, it was a bit different, but when I got back, and I went over for four days to Costa Rica to see him but as soon as I got there.. I was like: ‘I’m out. This isn’t for me, you can have him, and he can have whoever he wants’.”

Recalling the moment she ended her romance with him, Healy said he told her to “do what makes you happy.”

When asked if Haye pushed the idea that they were in a throuple, she confessed: “I think he was very happy about it, but I was in bits about it.”

Healy said ever since these rumours surfaced she has been “trolled to death” online and harshly judged.

“If I’m being honest, I’ve really hated the first half of this year and I haven’t been able to enjoy it,” she said.

“I’ve been really upset about it but luckily back in my hometown, nobody looked at me differently.

“There were these sources coming forward then and saying things that weren’t true and that’s where I had to draw the line.”

However, despite the rumours, Healy added that she really enjoyed her relationship with the British boxer.

"He's actually a really nice guy. He was very kind to me, very honest. But it ran its course. And I've been single ever since. I haven't been on a date,” she said.

Healy, who split from her ex-husband Ben Foden in 2018, said she is raising her two children with help from her family.

“He lives in New York, and he only sees them like at summer and Christmas, so I am raising them with my parents basically and it’s not easy but it’s my life and it is how it is, and I love it,” she said.

“I love being a mother, I’ve always wanted to be a mother and I feel very blessed. I’m so proud to be their mother and they’re proud that I’m their mother.”

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